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Digital Marketing


With traditional digital marketing campaigns, 100% of the audience is anonymous. These campaigns create a proxy of your target customer and serve impressions to that anonymous audience. Not so with Cumulus Atlanta. Our campaigns are built definitively, one consumer at a time.  We know precisely who our audience is, in fact we know them by name.  And, because no two people are the same, we tailor your marketing on an individual basis.  It’s our DNA: Definitive Named Audiences. 


The Digital DNA of a potential customer begins with their online and offline characteristics. Using our massive database of 350+ data points on nearly every adult consumer in the country, we hand select the most valuable audience for you based on verified data points. 

Then we serve ads to people who we not only KNOW but know WHERE they are during various part of the day. Each individual experiences your brand messaging everywhere s/he is, because we connect their Digital DNA with your multi-channel ad campaign. We can even match different devices to the same person (which Google Analytics would see as two different people) and adjust your campaign based on conversion actions. 

Because we know the identity of everyone targeted before serving a single impression, we can do something that’s quite unique to us – provide a full export of our targeted audience’s name and physical address so that you can match back to your inbound leads and sales as proof of who exactly converted. 




We use industry-leading data to drive results forward.

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